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Featue 1

Footprints is a dark comedy scheduled for publication in September 2019. The story was inspired by a single line spoken around a campfire last summer. (Thanks Marisa!)

Look for it in the “Through Death’s Door” anthology from Monnath Books. I’ll post links when available.


Feature 2

Now available - "Sympathy for the Zingara", a creepy story inspired by a true encounter during a recent visit to Florence. I survived thanks to my lover (many know she has saved my life before) but I'm sure others are not so lucky.

Before you leave the website, make sure to scroll to the bottom for a special introduction to the star of sympathy for the Zingara.

Great story, Dan. It was a privilege to include it. - H david blalock, editor


Feature 3

“Above the ceiling” (Originally published in Home sweet home by Millhaven press Sept 2018) will be featured in bards and sages annual anthology of the years best speculative fiction. The publisher is scheduled to make a formal announcement in the fall of 2019.


Coming Soon


Feature 1

Munchers - A terrifying Halloween tale set around the traditions of Jack-o-lanterns, disguises, and training children to blackmail their neighbours with threats of Trick or Treat.

Available this fall in Halloween Party 2019

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Feature 2

I wrote a nostalgic story “Where Only The Mosquitoes Sing”. It’s set in the north country and I thought it would be fun to tell around a campfire. The folks at Soteira Press did too and have selected it for their anthology “The Monsters We Forgot.”

Now if I could only get Canada’s Own Ron James to read it on national TV…



Feature 3

“bloody red nose - 15 fears of a clown” is a reprint anthology featuring the best of clown stories. This time specifically when the clown is the victim. (Who likes clowns anyway? I say screw them, they’ve had it coming for a long time now.) My creepy clown story, Corn stalker is included. (Originally published in Haunted Holidays from thirteen O’clock press).

KInd words: “Your inversion of the horror trope of "killer using the trappings of entertainer" into "entertainer using the trappings of killer" is exactly the sort of idea I was seeking. I also found the uncertainty you maintained over your protagonist's exact motives until the end both engaging and skilfully handled.” Dave Higgins, Editor.

About the Author

Dan Allen writes dark speculative fiction and the fall of 2019 promises to be exciting! Watch for:

“Where Only the Mosquitoes Sing” (Monsters We Forgot),

“Munchers” (Holiday Party 2019),

“Footprints” (Through Death’s Door),

“Become the Beast” (Erie Tales),

“Corn Stalker” (Fears of a Clown),

and last but not least “The Basement” (chosen by Jeani Rector) will appear in the Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories.

ParABnormal March cover.jpg

Sympathy for the Zingara

Soon to be married, a young couple spend some time apart as the final test of their love. Tony visits Florence, where he offends a beggar with his lack of compassion.

He begins to dissolve, melting away piece by piece, and his only chance to see his Emilee again depends on his ability to change.

The Zingara is real and she is ruthless and she will have her revenge!

My favorite story and the one you don’t want to miss!


Above the Ceiling

Monster 1.jpg

Suffering from Alzheimer's, a man is locked in to prevent wandering. he struggles to understand the noises he hears and is frustrated others don’t believe.

a raccoon invasion inspired this story, but the terror is figuring out what is real and what isn’t. I can’t wait to see the reaction to this piece.

leave your sanity at the door” - Millhaven press

Haunted Holidays cover.jpg

Corn Stalker


What better place for a real monster to hide than among those dressed to scare. corn stalker is a Halloween story inspired by a recent visit to the local fear farm.

find it in haunted holidays from thirteen o’clock press now available from lulu and amazon. Haunted Holidays covers the entire festive season with great stories from Halloween through Christmas.

Best Seller.jpg

Stairway back to jonathan’s farm

Texaco blurr.jpg

secret stairs: a tribute to urban legend is now a certified best seller.

it was only when he got there that his homelessness began” - thomas wolf - you can’t go home again

i never fully understood what it meant, the idea you can’t go home again. until i made my way back to the farm and now i understand.

Bringing it back.jpg

Missing Things

Missing Things.jpg

terrific story Shows you Where lost items go until they are ready to be found. I think i may have caused some harm to come to Nudger. (she thinks she is the star of the story)

You’ll never hunt for missing objects again without remembering Missing Things - found in bringing it back from horrified press. Previously only available in the u.k. from Lulu, it is now on amazon in Canada and the U.S.


Through the dark volume 2 - features the twisted thriller “urges”. an inmate is interviewed for answers to missing details. there are claims of not being responsible and no acceptance of guilt. Who can be blamed when no one is at fault? Judge for yourself as the truth is slowly revealed.

The Forgotten One

Jitter Press calls “The Forgotten One” CREEPTASTIC.

My story, "The Forgotten One", can be found in issue #6 of Jitter Press, november 2017. 

READ it now at   www.jitterpress.com



The Beggar

GET the story that started it all, MY first and still popular - "THE BEGGAR". it was originally published IN DARK DOSSIER'S 2017 HALLOWEEN MAGAZINE and it is still available AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD UNDER "BUY NOW".

tHe 2017 HALLOWEEN EDITION HAS LOTS OF SPOOKY STORIES from the best new horror authors.

"loved it!" - Jamie Evans, EDITOR, Dark Dossier


The Beggar - reprinted in India

The beggar also appears in the New years 2019 issue of culture cult magazine, india’s acclaimed journal of arts, literature and culture. GET MY SHORT STORY, "THE BEGGAR", AVAILABLE IN DARK DOSSIER'S HALLOWEEN MAGAZINE AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD ON THIS SITE UNDER "BUY NOW".

The editor matched the story with some very interesting art work from controversial impressionist Emile Nolde.

culture cult magazine is available from most online book stores and it is also available for free on their website www.culturecultmagazine.com


Virgil’s Load

A drabble is exactly 100 words long and must tell a complete story. This anthology has 101 pieces of flash fiction from 87 authors and covers everything from dark fantasy to science fiction. it’s amazing how much can be told in 100 words. They take seconds to read but some will stick with you forever. I have a disturbing little entry called virgil’s load and I think you’ll love it.

JANE IS DEAD..... READ ABOUT HER IN "THE BASEMENT" - soon to be released In The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories.



It all started when…

Please allow me to introduce The infamous ghost beggar of Florence and the star of sympathy for the Zingara . she is in the march 2019 edition of Parabnormal DIGEST. It is best not to touch her and never, ever, accept anything she offers.


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